Meet the Goblins

Feast your eyes on some of the fiercest of the fierce in terms of ballin’.

Goblin King Apple

The Songbird Voice of a Generation

Insider Connected: GBLN_KNGxAPL
Goblin specialty: Hype and Crew Comradery
Home Table: Rock Lives, bitch

Gothic Goblin Yoagie

Learned to play from an Actual Bigfoot

Insider Connected: GBLN_Yoagie
Goblin specialty: Zen-level focus – Bombasticality
Home Table: Addam’s Family

Goblin Speex “The Playfield”

Psionic Nudge Artisan and Master of Italian Style

Insider Connected: ZebraKeys
Goblin specialty: Shatzing the Disco
Home Table: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Goblin Wildcard

The Cyclone of Physicality

Insider Connected: AyoItsDave
Goblin specialty: “The Pop-off”
Home Table: Haunted House

Goblin Slim

Manager, Coach, & God of Pinball

Insider Connected: TheRealSlim
Goblin specialty: Utterly Destroying Machines
Home Table: Godzilla

Goblin Honeybaby

Mechanic Maniac and Multiball Monster

Insider Connected: Honeybaby
Goblin specialty: Cheese Strats and Kickbacks
Home Table: Anything Spooky

Goblin Delawerewolf

Resident Werewolf and Muscle

Insider Connected: Delawerewolf
Goblin specialty: The Full Moon Transformation
Home Table: Elvira Scared Stiff

Goblin Brick


Insider Connected: ectobar
Goblin specialty: Throw a brick in yo face.
Home Table: Without a shadow of a doubt, 1000% Haunted House

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