The Ball Goblins, a formidable force in the competitive pinball scene, showcased their prowess in the recent Pinball Gallery March Monthly tournament. The night was filled with thrilling moments, standout performances, and an overall electric atmosphere at the Pinball Gallery.

Tessa Morton Secures Victory in Style

Honorary member Tessa Morton stole the spotlight with an impressive victory on the game “Taxi,” where she skillfully secured the 4 million jackpot and ran away with the game. Her strategic gameplay and standout moments left a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Speex Displays Skill and Tenacity

Ball Goblin Speex, known as “The Playfied,” demonstrated exceptional skills throughout the tournament. Despite taking a loss in a fierce competition against the legendary Bob Choate on “Creature from the Black Lagoon,” Speex managed three multiballs in a single game clearly showcasing his mastery of the machine. However, he was bolstered with a victory on TNA and a spirited competition against Goblin King Apple on “Rock Encore” further solidified Speex’s position as a force to be reckoned with.

Roller Disco Spices Things Up for Ball Goblins

The Ball Goblins faced challenges on home turf during the Roller Disco game. Although Speex put up a dominate performance throughout the event, his spicy moves on the final ball tilted the machine solidifying an admirable 7th place. The Boglims remained spirited after the game, showcasing the team’s resilience and competitive spirit.

THE GOBLIN WILDCARD Impresses with 5-5 Record

The Goblin Wildcard delivered an impressive performance with an even 5-5 record, his personal best. Dominating on games like “Space Shuttle,” “Deadly Weapon,” “Bride of Pinbot,” and securing victories on “Paragon” twice, Dave’s prowess in competition further cements the Ball Goblins’ reputation. Paragon truly is now home turf for the Ball Goblins.

High-Octane Tournament Atmosphere

With a bustling attendance of 54 participants, the Pinball Gallery March Monthly tournament was a thrilling experience. Held at the Pinball Gallery, the competition was fierce yet friendly, lasting well into the night and concluding around 11 pm. The spirited atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the participants made the event memorable.

Goblin Slim Mysterious Business Dealings

The Ball Goblins graciously held in reserves the enigmatic GOBLIN SLIM who was granted the night off to attend to undisclosed business dealings at a lavish restaurant. Despite his absence, the Goblin Ace made several cameo appearances and photo opportunities at the opening ceremonies and finals, leaving fans intrigued about his potential future participation.

The Ball Goblins continue to be a formidable presence in the pinball community, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next moves on the road to victory.

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