The Ball Goblins are thrilled to announce their lineup for the upcoming Southeastern PA Pinball League (SEPAPL) Spring season. Welcoming a fresh face to the league, we proudly introduce Gothic Goblin Yoagie, making her debut alongside seasoned players Goblin King Apple and Goblin Wildcard. With a blend of experience and new blood, our team is ready to unleash chaos upon the Pinball Gallery, leaving flipper marks and a trail of stunned opponents in our wake.

In a strategic move, Goblin Slim will be taking a well-deserved season off to lend his expertise to coaching duties and pursue other ventures outside of the pinball community. We have every confidence that his guidance will continue to elevate our team to new heights.

However, the status of Goblin Speex, fondly known as “The Playfield,” remains uncertain. Fans eager for updates are encouraged to reach out to him directly for any comments or insights regarding his potential participation in the league.

As the Ball Goblins prepare to descend upon the SEPAPL, we invite our supporters to join us in anticipation of an electrifying season filled with multiballs, jackpots, and of course plenty of high-scoring action. Stay tuned for updates as we embark on this thrilling pinball journey together!

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